I hate About pages.

I can’t wrap up all that I’m “about” in one little intimidating square.

I’ll toss that in the Complaints box. Moving on.

So. My writing is “about” the moments that strike my funny bone on a daily basis. Funny moments? Gee, Nell, that’s not vague at all. I TOLD YOU, I HATE ABOUTS.

The awkward parts of life. The cringe-worthy. The hearty belly-chuckle-inducing. The I-shouldn’t-be-laughing-what’s-wrong-with-me-someone-slap-me-and-give-me-my-Zoloft and the like.

I have a running list on my phone that I add to throughout the day whenever something amusing hops a synapse. I have to scribble it down somewhere before my post-baby brain clicks Delete. And I just develop them from there once my two baby boys hit the sheets. Hence the name Nap Diaries. Pretty simple.

As for the meaning behind Nellcro, you’ll just have to read one of my first entries.

And here’s the answer to why I started this blog.

Hook. Line. Sinkerrrr.

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