A followup to Friday’s post. Be ascared. Be very ascared.

So, to follow up on Friday’s post, my almost-21-month-old Kellan did in fact wake up in the middle of the night that very night.


Except it wasn’t Satie’s (short for Satan, we’re buds) raspy voice soaking into the monitor.

Instead, it was a high-pitched “Eee-yeah! Eeee-yeah!” on repeat. Kellan was swaying his head from side to side, laughing hysterically and exclaiming his abbreviated, mini-human version of “yes, that sounds amazing” over and over again.

Totally not scary, right?


Clearly my little dude was being egged on by the Big Bad Red Dude from Down Below. That’s not his normal sleeping behavior! The Evil One was probably whispering to Kellan from below his crib, telling him hilarious baby jokes about monkeys jumping off beds or promising him that he could have cookies for breakfast in the morning. All just to mess with me.

And I’m not going to lie. Obesely fat chills definitely ran down my spine when Kellan’s eery laughter jolted me awake in the middle of the night after having just dared Satan to contact me that way and “work harder” for my fear. Brilliant idea, self.

All I can say now is well done, Satie, old boy. You’ve still got it. I’d say “Encore!”, but no thank you. Move on to someone else now please. Call me with your 0 number if you need some suggestions of people to torment.

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