Back at it.


It has been 20 days since my last post! I am clearly slacking on my selfie-blogging duties!

Oh the shame.

Let me fill you in. Provide an excuse. Offer you my apologies. Beg for your forgiveness. Bake you a cake.

Forget that last one – I suck at baking. I once inadvertently made deodorizing shoe inserts by using way too much baking soda in a cookie recipe.

Truth is, I have been tied up in home improvement projects – updating a ’70s kitchen, redesigning a mouse-family-sized bathroom, civilizing a back-woodsy back porch and gutting a squirrel-/bird-/otter-/porpoise-/probably-dinosaur-nest-infested garage. And I must admit, these DIY or DIP (“Do It, Pop” – we put my extremely handy step-dad to work big time) home improvement projects, I’m sorry, are more rewarding than blogging. Well, depending on the subject I’m blogging about. Some guiltiest of guilty pleasure/berserk venting blogs feel damn cathartic. Obviously. Or obvi, as my cool teen-nieces say.

I have also been busy pushing (politely and subtly shoving, elbowing, hip-checking) new business. And on that note, please, please, please hire Two Brunettes Design Co. to give your company a little brand pizazz, a little creativity, and most importantly, more awareness from your target audience (aka your customers, your clients, etc). Here’s a peek up our sleeves: Design. Writing. Website overhauls. Logo magic. Advertising know-how. The works. Get on it. Or let us. And again, please spread the word. Send your marketing management friends to our website. We have so much fun working with companies of all shapes and sizes from CNY to Brazil that are looking to uniquely brand and grow their businesses. Our business is Refining yours. Bam. Ok, enough preaching. Insert cute, winky emoji to balance out my pushiness.

Lastly. The sweltering hot, lazy ass days of summer are here, adding a feeling of slowly sinking into quicksand with every productivity-minded step I try to take. Plus, this year, my husband and I have rented a campsite and will be RVing it up along the shores of Lake Ontario where his family and some family friends also post up. (Cue the mental image of Uncle Eddie from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Shitter’s full!) Although I will likely have plenty, uh, PLENTY of blogging material from this experience, I doubt I’ll be blogging directly from said vee-hical. (Expect some funny $#!+ afterwards and in between trips, though.)

So. With this triple whammy, this anti-blogging triple threat of sorts, I honestly haven’t had much time to pop open Nellcro and hit the keyboard as they, nope, only I say.

Fear not.

I have still been jotting notes here and there as ridiculousness has occurred. And I most certainly intend to share it all with you. Every. Last. Insane. Mental breakdown. Little. Bit.

I need to hop on the hunt for a super short bathrobe for my husband to really pull this off this summer.

I need to get on the hunt for a super short bathrobe for my husband in order for us to really pull this off this summer. Send me any leads you might have. 

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