It’s allliiiiive! Our beautiful brainchild is born!


Wherever you are at this very moment: Please shout the sentence above in caps. Unless you’re reading this in a library or a public bathroom stall. Ahh, what the heck, shout it right at the crotchety, old librarian or to the person in the next stall over who keeps coughing in an effort to disguise other sound effects. You only live once.

Tell your friends to tell their friends. Then have those friends tell their friends. Then have those friends-of-friends tell their friends and their friends-of-friends. And so on and so forth.

Just share the love. Share it extra loudly with those friends who are looking to rebrand their own company or the company they work for.

And by “rebrand” we mean this: We’re a designer-writer duo whose skills are perfect for brand overhauls, including websites, logos, e-communications, taglines, content development. The. List. Goes. On. Basically, all parts of a company’s signature look, plus marketing that look. (That’s a super brief summary to clarify for those of you who are not all that familiar with the industry.)

Get familiar. Check us out here!

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2 Responses to It’s allliiiiive! Our beautiful brainchild is born!

  1. Joan Hickey says:

    Jim and I just yelled out that “Our Beautiful Brainchild was Born” thing in Wegman’s Produce department. The guy that stacks the bananas leaned over to the guy that wipes off the scales and whispered, “Eeeww, not only are they still having sex, but they actually had a baby.” Probably should have waited ’til we got home to yell that out.

  2. nellclaire says:

    Ha. And, yuck. 😉

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