A shout out to my better [worker bee] 1/2.

Today is Shout Out to My Hubby Day.

I regrettably failed to mention in my first post – which detailed my new change in lifestyle – that all of this is only possible because of him. If he wasn’t busting his butt to bring home the so-called bacon day in and day out, I’d still be working my day job and dreaming of actually seeing my child for longer than an hour and a half each day.

He learned to walk? He says “Gramma” now? He went off to college? Oh cool. Good for him. Thanks for raising my child for me, Mom. I’m going back to the office now. 

(I am also very grateful to have had my mom and pops for daycare. I realize I’m probably sounding more and more spoiled-brat-like as we go here.)

Oh, she had to leave her child with her parents every day? Oh gawd, what a nightmare. I leave mine with a complete stranger!

And the fact that I can freelance and work with Carolynn (amazing designer friend – you’ll see our new website soon) on projects that I find stimulating and interesting is another dream come true/icing on a big fat it’s-not-my-birthday-but-I’m-eating-it-anyway cake.

So, cheers to my fizzy Mountain Dew chugging, tar-your-insides coffee slurping, eternal optimist, athlete of the world, Halloween costume-obsessed, outdoorsman, non-choresman husband, Tim. I love you and I love the lifestyle you have afforded Kellan and me. You are one sweet, generous dude and I’m one damn lucky chick.

Ogling session complete. *smile, wink, tongue out emoticon concoction


Cheers to Timmy. He works hard so Kellan and I can play hard.

Cheers to Timmy. He works hard so Kellan and I can play hard.

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2 Responses to A shout out to my better [worker bee] 1/2.

  1. Joan Hickey says:

    Yes, thanks Tim, you’re the best.

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